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Academic Members, Visitors and NSF

Pre-register with eduroam at your home institution (BEFORE you reach the destination campus) to automatically connect with the campus network when you arrive.

ASU Instructions:


Rice Instructions:


Yale Instructions:


UTEP Instructions:


National Science Foundation:

contact: helpdesk@nsf.gov



How to connect a Mac OS X Computer to “Rice Visitor”

  1. Turn on the Mac's Airport Card.

  2. Select the "Rice Visitor" wireless network.

  3. Open your web browser and navigate to any website. You will see the Wireless Visitor Network welcome page. Click on the "Accept" button. Connect a Windows Computer to "Rice Visitor"

How to connect a Windows Computer to "Rice Visitor"

1. Click START menu.
2. Then click CONNECT TO

3. Select RICE VISITORS, and select CONNECT.
4. You should see the following screens, please click CONNECT ANYWAY
5. You will then be prompted to select the NETWORK LOCATION, we recommend you select PUBLIC LOCATION.
6. Click CLOSE.
7. You will then need your preferred internet browser i.e Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
8. You will be prompted with THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THIS WEBSITE'S SECURITY CERTIFICATE, please select 
9. Simply click on the accept button to gain access.

10. You will then be connected to the Rice Visitor Network and you should be able to connect to the Internet.​

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