NEWT is the first national center to develop next-generation affordable, mobile, modular, high-performance water treatment systems enabled by nanotechnology. Our systems will be highly compact, energy efficient, and adaptable to varying source water quality to meet the growing industrial and societal needs for off-grid water supply and reuse.

NEWT conducts use-inspired basic research (bottom level) to develop enabling technologies (mid-level), which are then integrated into modular treatment systems (top level). Three research thrusts, each representing a key component of the proposed systems, plus a cross-cutting Sustainability and Safety theme will guide fundamental research and develop novel water treatment processes and advanced materials.

NEWT’s modular water treatment systems will obviate current trade-offs between cost and performance and between energy consumption and speed. The systems will enable thousands of oil and gas production sites to manage and reuse produced waters more economically and with less environmental impact, and will provide safe drinking water for millions of people who currently lack it.

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NEWT is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) award #EEC-1449500
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