What is NEWT? A quick intro for new students and postdocs              (Checklist for faculty)


NEWT stands for Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Treatment, and we are an Engineering Research Center (ERC) funded primarily by the National Science Foundation (NSF).  


The goals of NSF ERCs are to “integrate engineering research and education with technological innovation” and to “produce engineering graduates who are adept at innovation and primed for leadership in the global economy.”

NEWT’s vision is to enable access to treated water almost anywhere in the world, by developing transformative and off-grid modular treatment systems empowered by nanotechnology that protect human lives and support sustainable development.

At NEWT, we focus on two main applications:

  • Off-grid, point-of-use, humanitarian, emergency-response and rural drinking water treatment

  • Industrial wastewater reuse in remote sites (e.g., oil and gas fields, offshore platforms)


Our strategy is to design modular treatment systems that match the treated water quality to its intended use (fit-for-purpose treatment).  Each module is designed by a thrust, and each thrust specializes in a different stage of water treatment as illustrated in the figure below.  Click on the thrust number on the figure to learn more about the research conducted by each thrust.




The research thrusts are composed by over 25 researchers at our four partner institutions, Arizona State University (ASU), Rice University, the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), and Yale University.  


Also at the core of NEWT are our students and postdocs.  ERCs are expected to “produce graduates who will be U.S. innovators in a globally competitive economy” and the goals of an ERC education program should be “to deliver graduates prepared for industry and academia who are technically prepared; able to integrate knowledge across disciplines to advance technology; knowledgeable in industrial practice; experienced in advancing technology; adept at working in high functional teams; ethical; effective communicators; creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial; lifelong learners; and experienced in working in non-U.S. research cultures.”  Learn about NEWT’s programs for undergraduate and graduate students, and postdocs.


If you are a new student or postdoc at NEWT, sign up by clicking on the button below and contact the Student Leadership Council (SLC) to learn more about the activities offered by the center.


For any other information, contact us directly at info@newtcenter.org or here.

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NEWT is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) award #EEC-1449500
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