NEWT’s modular water treatment systems will obviate current trade-offs between cost and performance and between energy consumption and speed. The systems will enable thousands of oil and gas production sites to manage and reuse produced waters more economically and with less environmental impact, and will provide safe drinking water for millions of people who currently lack it.


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Contact: Ernest Davis

Industry Liaison Officer

(713) 348-6214


  • Industrial/Practitioner Advisory Board participation
  • Early access to NEWT research products such as reports, papers, and other publications
  • Access to facilities and instrumentation utilized in NEWT research, subject to any requirements of the applicable NEWT academic institution
  • On-location short courses that may be provided by researchers
    per mutual agreement between the researchers and members

  • Access to a NEWT Center knowledge base of research advances
  • Opportunities to support a particular NEWT research thrust or topic above the level of annual membership fee
  • Opportunities to commercialize available NEWT intellectual property
Ernest M. Davis
NEWT Dir. of Innovation
and Industry Liaison Officer
Paul Westerhoff
NEWT Deputy Director
Matt Hotze
NEWT Administrative Director


  • As part of the Industrial/Practitioner Advisory Board, meet twice a year with NEWT researchers during semi‐annual reviews
  • Provide advice and recommendations on developing NEWT’s strategic plan
  • Provide feedback on progress and direction of research thrusts and strategic center initiatives
  • Assist with annual center Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) analysis
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