Full Agenda with Maps


5/20 Monday 

LS Arrival: 7:30am 

Interns - 8am 

7:30 FAST BREAK SET UP - SLC, Presenters

8:00am - All student meeting with Pedro and Paul in McMurtry Auditorium. 

Set directional signs for parking and at Brochstein and NEWDL and Prototype. 

Speaker retrieval from RMC set - store in Basement of Ryon lab. 

Set up the registration table and IPAB room (take out everything from back room!) 


10:30 am Tables and Easels arrive for set up. Add table clothes. 


11:45 Picnic Lunches arrive for Pollard, 1044, and IPAB (Jamail).
Set out
 Coffee table for Fast break set up and lunch service tables for Roots in Martel. 

IPAB Photo 

12 noon - IPAB Meeting photo (outside of Duncan Hall front entrance - only faculty joining IPAB need join. 

2pm - coffee refresh for 1044, Jamail. 

2:30pm - Student logo shirt pick up at registration table.

3pm - Poster Set Up with students if possible. 

3:30 pm - Coffee table for Fast break set up and lunch tables for Roots 

4:45pm round up IPAB for escort to IPAB Reception with flag (Katherine, Jonah) 

5pm - Students attend IPAB Reception at Brochstein Pavillion. Rice photographer 5:30pm. 

5:45pm Faculty/Staff presenters arrive ~45 min after the reception-start and transition to offsite. 


6:30pm - Return Flags, pick up Brochstein signs put in Duncan Hall. 

6:50 pm Ubers for dinner group 

7pm All Faculty dinner- Shiva Indian Restaurant in Rice Village (Matt take tax exempt form) -
take photos. 


LS 6:30 am drop off Hilton Site Visit Sign 

make sure coffee station is open 

7am- Seating Signs check and extra power cords

Roots Breakfast start 7:20am, coffee. 

7:30am All breakfast and 8am sharp General welcome at Duncan Hall. 

7am - Jonah start Microphones, 9:30 am break switch with Katherine C

8:30am Katherine C - work to set up water with William. William will set up wireless speaker outside. Jonah set up speaker inside.

After 9:40 am break - takeout Table Tent Cards and mints. 

10am -Ginny set up speaker outside of NEWDL.


10:45 am - Katherine C leave for stations. Jorge/Matt at station. 

10:55 move Qilin, Pedro and Paul move with Katherine B - timing tour with walkie talkies. 

Ernie and IPAB led by Ginny - timing tour with KathB. Doni, CEE photographer at tour.  


...Upon NSF arrival - open Lunch buffet - Registered students and faculty and IPAB have set table assignments by Site Visitor Names. 

2:45 for 3pm SAB Private Meeting - Zoom Setup (NEWT laptop in Jamail) 

Students Poster Session Preparation: 3pm - 4:45 pm Easels will have place holders.
Pins for tacking will be at the registration table. CEE photographer. 

No scheduled dinners. 

5/22 Wednesday

6:30am LS arrive > Cohen House

7:00 am - Jonah, Katherine C - set up for auditorium, Katherine B & Ginny at Registration


Only registered NSF Site Visitors, Faculty and University Officials gather for
a 7:30am special "Deans" breakfast meeting at the Cohen House Faculty Club
8:40 am Rice photographer.  

7:00am Students have breakfast at Modern BB, and everyone else start at the 7:30am

coffee bar in McMurtry. Students wear NEWT Polos to presentations today.

7:30 am - Java Pura start to 2:30 pm 


After 9:40 am break - takeout Table Tent Cards and mints. 



12:05 Lunch - Registered students and faculty have set table assignments by Thrust/Pillar. 

2pm - coffee refresh


5:45pm - Dinner order check for Mech Lab (add coffee and drinks in kitchen area) OVERNIGHT RESPONSE TEAM: Faculty, Staff move to Mechanical Lab 253 for 6pm working dinner delivered in from Local Foods. Bring extension cords. 

5/23 Thursday

6:30am LS arrive > Cohen House

7:00 am - Jonah, Katherine C - set up for auditorium, Katherine B & Ginny at Registration

7:30 am - Java Pura start to 12:30pm

Private NSF and ERC Leadership start with 7:30am breakfast meeting at Esther Room,
Cohen House Faculty Club


7:00am Students have breakfast at Modern BB, and everyone else start at the 7:30am coffee bar in McMurtry.   


Open Luggage Room - 1044 - Watch luggage area.  

No general breakfast or lunch this day. 12noon Lunch for Presenting Faculty, students and NSF. 

All Students, Faculty and break out and wrap-up meetings in Duncan Hall before lunch and travel departure shortly thereafter. 


Cabs/ Ubers for departure to airports. 

5pm - Liz out. 

For any faculty available Thursday evening, go directly to Pedro's.  

283840 for the movers

283923 for the AC

283926 for custodial

Charlene Mejia, FSC Coordinator

Facilities Engineering & Planning|Rice University|6100 Main MS-312,|Houston, TX 77005|

FSC 713.348.2485


05/21/19  Manuel           7:15am                 832-495-9473

05/21/19 Sigifredo          5:45pm                832-272-7225

05/22/19 Gus                    7:15am              832-362-1627

05/22/19 Hugo                  5:00pm              832-557-8213

05/23/19 Micaela             7:15am               832-488-0013

Itinerary & Rideshare Link - This spreadsheet has expanded to include all registered students, traveling faculty contact info and transportation info. Please use this list to find numbers to coordinate with your team. 


Faculty Lodging  Hilton Houston Plaza/Medical Center 6633 Travis Street Houston, Texas  77030-1308 713-313-4658 -Stephanie Tamez/Vincent Patillo are our reps.  *Please make sure they do not charge Hotel Occupancy Tax on your final bill.  

Local shuttle service only and upon request, complimentary trips within one-mile radius.
Check-in is 3pm, Check-out is 12 Noon. Parking $15/day self-park and $28/day for valet.

Walking to Rice Campus is less than 10 minutes, and then you can hop on the Inner Loop Bus

Also many Rice Village eateries will remove sales taxes if you tell them you have an education exemption from Rice University code: 74-1109620

Student Lodging - Modern B&B 

Traveling Students Lodging at 4001, 4003 and 4011 Hazard St. Houston, TX 77005 
ModernBnB Contact: Lisa Thompson (832)279-6367*Codes will be emailed. Breakfast will be served each morning in the common area (expected that you will take advantage of this meal).
Rice students may meet and enjoy breakfast for $15/NEWT tab but must arrive early. 
You have the use of the public spaces. The chef’s kitchen is in 4003 Hazard and thus we will have food in that refrigerator for serving breakfast. Each unit does have a full kitchen and full sized appliances if anyone wants to cook etc. HEB grocery is close by. 

LYFT share is highly recommended for sharing rides and is more cost-effective than Yellow Cab. Students traveling will be provided a Lyft Event Code for shared rides to/from lodging.  

Rice Campus Bookstore will be open 8:30 - 5:30pm for emergency medicine, toiletries,
computer accessories, snacks, and souvenirs. 

Event Parking & Ground Transportation

Parking is available in the conveniently located at entrances 1&2 Founder’s Court Lot
with an alternate lot at Entrance 20 at North Lot Annex. Parking validations upon request. 

Map of Rice University

Parking Map 

Interactive Map to Duncan Hall 

Accessibility Parking


Nearby Dining

Rice Village Eateries

Event Contacts: Liz Scroggins   (text) 713-348-6398 (office) 
Parking 713-348-2020 Rice Police 713-348-6000

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