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NEWT is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) award #EEC-1449500
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NEWT is applying nanotechnology to develop transformative and off-grid water treatment systems that both protect human lives and support sustainable economic development.

Anjali Mulchandani Awarded 2019 Dean’s Dissertation Award - Arizona State University, Ira A. Ful...

November 13, 2019

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NanoAcademy is a workshop for students to participate in STEM lessons designed by experienced teachers 

participating in the Research Experience for Teachers (RET) internship and worked with graduate students and research scientists in innovative research laboratories to create their lesson plans.

Lessons range from 4th-12th grade in level and cover a variety of topics, including water pollution & treatment, alternative forms of medicine, cells and much more! NanoAcademy is free for students who register online. 

In collaboration with NEWT, the Rice Office of STEM Engagement offers NEWT RET, a year-long internship with a focus on nanotechnology-enabled water treatment to reinforce the understanding and appreciation of science as a process. Participants observe and actively work in research while developing inquiry-based lesson plans that apply NEWT research, using media and other strategies to bring the laboratory experience to students. 

Participants are matched to a graduate student or postdoctoral researcher mentor who can help guide their research.

In collaboration with NEWT, the Rice Office of STEM Engagement offers NEWT REU, a 10-week program with a focus on nanotechnology-enabled water treatment for community college students. It includes a 10-week internship in a NEWT research laboratory to give hands-on research experience.

Participants are matched to a graduate student r postdoctoral researcher mentor who can help guide their research.

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NEWT is an interdisciplinary, multi-institution nanosystems-engineering research center (headquartered at Rice University) whose goal is to facilitate access to clean water almost anywhere in the world by developing efficient modular water treatment systems that are easy to deploy, and that can tap unconventional sources to provide humanitarian water or emergency response. NEWT also develops systems to treat and reuse challenging industrial wastewaters in remote locations, such as oil and gas fields to help energy production be more sustainable and more cost-efficient in regards to its water footprint.

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